About Mani Platers
For more than 25 years, we at Mani Platers, have been committed to offer the best-in-class hot-dip galvanising and electroplating services to our clients. Our dedication to customer delight has reaped rich returns, ensuring customer retention and loyalty over the years. Today, we are among the renowned players in the electroplating and hot-dip galvanising space, serving a reputed clientele across diverse industries like textiles, electrical, chemical, automotive, machinery components, etc. We are known to be the first to have hot-dip galvanising tanks upto 7 meters & electroplating tanks upto 25 feet, the biggest of its kind. In tune with the latest technological advancements, we will continue to offer our clients, superior products, exemplary services and consistent delight.

At Mani Platers, our mission is “to ensure customer delight by delivering quality of the highest standards”. Our aim is to consistently satisfy the customer and build a lasting relationship through customer retention. Which is why, our motto is that “Customer has to return, and not the goods”.

We envision ourselves as a leading service provider of hot-dip galvanising and electroplating for a variety of industrial customers. Our vision is “to establish and empower our position to be among the forefront of the galvanising and electroplating industry”.

Ethical practices, innovative technologies, constant upgradation, employee morale and customer delight are the values that drive us to deliver quality products on time, every time.